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This site is the personal site of Mark Widmer. It provides a gateway to Mark Widmer Consulting, my computer consulting business. With over 20 years of experience in database development, software & website design, we are the gold standard for top-notch computer system development. Clients include government, defense, retail, insurance, medical & financial institutions.


Blog topics include general interest, computing and practical science topics.

Many of the topics are well-researched core topics that are updated to reflect important changes.


King Kon

Blog Categories of Interest

Movies - Topics including movie discussion and/or reviews.

Sample Chapters - All the articles excerpted from the new book, which is on its way to completion. I'm releasing excerpts as blog articles.

The Genius Racket - About the manufactured prodigies.

Updated - Recently updated articles.


Contact form is available in the sidebar menu. Sidebar is accessed via the hamburger icon in the page header.

About Mark
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Mark Widmer is chief of computer and I.T. service provider, Mark Widmer Consulting, an occasional lecturer, and is working on some great new books. Welcome to the site.

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