U.S. Presidential Election Poll

Perusing the news, we find:

On March 7, Roger Stone posted his prediction on X: “Joe Biden will be replaced as the Democratic nominee. In fact, he will withdraw shortly before the convention.”
“Gavin Newsom is doing everything he can to position himself as the Democratic Party’s presidential heir-apparent should Biden, in the face of daunting poll numbers, step aside later in the election season—or, alternatively, come the 2028 electoral cycle,” wrote The Nation, in a March 9 post on X.

So far the potential candidates (anyone we’ve heard rumors about) are as follows.

  • Michelle
  • Joe Biden
  • Trump
  • Kennedy
  • Newsom
  • Hillary
  • Jill Biden
  • Kamala

Michelle Obama made an official denial about running, making it almost certain that that entity will be a candidate.

Jill Biden was someone that just came to mind as a real surprise entry that isn't all that unfeasible, being exactly the sort of curve ball that they like to throw out there.

The poll requires a logged-in Google account.

Also, the poll is of the candidate you think will win, not the one you favor.


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