The Excuse-Makers

The Excuse to Hate

People who need to feel better about their miserable lives (though often their misery is self-induced) look for any excuse to hate.

A despicable hypocrisy: people who hate, “haters.” Those who won’t tolerate, intolerance. “We won’t tolerate hate in any form.” Except, in themselves.

Certainly if you want to be “tolerant,” you also have to tolerate the “haters.”

The proles have been told they can’t be “racist” anymore, so displacement makes it necessary that they now turn on their own, sniffing around for any trace of non-conformity.

Things like the following are A-O.K., though, if from one of the “protected” classes:

Headline: 'Woke Kindergarten' Teacher Calls for Destruction of America and Disrupting Whiteness.

This type of nonsense started some time ago, without any backlash from the simps, and now every grifter out for a payday is going to jump on the bandwagon.

Who cares if someone else is a “racist?” Why does it matter? What we should be concerned about is if someone is unjustly unfair to another, not his personal peccadilloes. No one ever stops to ask, “What kind of a racist?”

The whole frenzy over “racism” is phony through and through, and anyone who cries, “Wacist! Wacist!” is an idiot. It’s an obvious thrill for the “social justice warrior” type, but lots of people are now this so-called, “woke.”

To embrace the simp’s philosophy of “anti-racism,” can only mean that some races are immune from criticism, hence can do anything they want and it will be excused.

Besides that, experimentation has proven that all babies are “racist” from birth. Which only means they distinguish between other races and their own race, with a preference for their own race. So, “racism” is natural, except in the weak-willed simp mind. And sensible, since it is prudent to be among your own kind.

As always, there’s a self-serving-simp justification. You can hate, if you’re hating haters, because they’re bad. So, now the story changes. Now it is okay to hate other people, when the accepted authority figure, says so, or, when you have a good excuse. Oddly, this phenomenon seems to apply mostly to whites hating other whites for their supposed “racism.” Perhaps because the whites have been served up with the most brainwashing, but there does seem to be a mental flaw there, as well. No other race seems to want to be suckered so badly.

One might say, and some have, that whites deserve what’s coming for them, and what has already happened to them. No where else do we get such a foul brew of:

  • bleeding heart syndrome
  • virtue signaling and selective sympathy (artificial care and concern, since it doesn’t apply to the impoverished in their own community)
  • gullibility, cowardice, dishonesty, penitence, mulish stubbornness, hubris and self-righteousness
  • tunnel vision
  • superiority complex
  • guilt-tripping (and this does seem restricted to whites only, though whites are mostly as self-absorbed as other races)
  • pathological altruism.

Superiority complex plus bleeding heart syndrome and virtue signaling/selective sympathy are obvious in the overblown concern with “helping” other countries.

Funny how they don’t listen to their own heroes.

The white liberal is the worst enemy to America and the worst enemy to the black man...

- Malcolm X

But the problem of whites’ pathological altruism isn’t explained as an “evolutionary necessity” for everyone to get along in a cold climate, as some “experts” would have you believe. What grasping at straws nonsense that is. Simply recognizing that not all whites lived in cold climates puts that moronic notion to rest.

Political Correctness

The proliferation of “political correctness,” is pathetic and destructive. All because it makes people feel “good inside.” People are “too soft,” when they exercise this indulgence. The “powerful good feeling” is just a tapping into the endless pool of mawkish, egregious, public sentiment. That is, loving, caring, compassionate “political correctness” is an easy avenue to permit selfish arrogance, belligerence, impatience... It’s a ready excuse to have bad traits, as long as they're “in a good cause.”

It appears that “maturation” involves “outgrowing” that childish crutch of sentiment, of asking, “Does it make me feel good inside?” and taking a different approach. Maturation is a mellowing and an understanding that we can’t keep relentlessly and selfishly indulging every bad characteristic we have, no matter how stimulating and exciting.

“Political correctness” is not supposed to be a good thing, it’s a sarcastic term.

The Real “Mental Illness”

Mental illness is not a descriptor for unfortunate people with an organic problem. There’s no clinical diagnosis or determinant for “mental illness.” The medical profession admits it has no idea what it’s talking about regarding this issue. The term’s a sort of a catch-all for “we don’t know what to do/how to help/how to label” this person’s dysfunction.

Is it curable? Well, it’s been carefully tailored to seem like it can’t be cured. Also it has been carefully tailored to seem “treatable” with the right cocktail of expensive prescription drugs, and expensive psychiatric intervention. But recognize that most of what they call “mental illness,” is actually a manifestation of a physical illness. And most or all of the rest is just the behavioral problems that plague all of humanity, but exaggerated, in those considered “crazy.”

So the purpose of “mental illness,” as defined by the medical establishment, is to have a tool to stigmatize people. They know what they’re doing when they use an open term, so subject to abuse, as “mental illness.” It’s modern voodoo. The saps go along with it because they fear the unknown.

It’s also a good example of the “labeling fallacy” in action. They don’t have anything useful to contribute, so they pretend, and manipulate. And in this case, the term conveys a vague sense of doom and helplessness and dread for the “mental case,” the kook, “off his rocker,” when it’s the doctors that are the real mental cases, with their superstitious, malicious, but lucrative, practices that only cause harm.

It isn’t a stretch to consider that we all are “mentally ill.” We are poisoned in our diets, by a toxic environment, poisons added to our food or drink, supposed “medications.” Fluorine is a known poison, yet is the active ingredient in most of these “prescriptions,” that dummies gobble down like candy, and will bugger them up and, presumably, eventually help kill them. We know mercury makes people nuts, yet it’s in vaccines and dental fillings, and who knows what else?

Those who have a lot of physical problems will reflect it in their behavior!

What could be considered true mental illnesses, are spiritual problems. Horrible traits that we never recognize, compensate for, learn from, and perhaps overcome.

These bigger “mental illnesses,” that go unrecognized and untreated, are things like hysteria, immaturity, superstition.

Mustn’t forget the severity of the problem manifested in the SJW “anti-racist,” either.

Excuse-seeking is another, one of the worst of the bad traits. We all need to watch for it in others, and in ourselves.

Another behavior that could be considered true mental illness: panicky, hysteric fear, which is routinely induced to cause people to act irrationally in an attempt to escape that fear.

Organized Religion

An Excuse to Bully or Dominate

The “will to power” emerges, particularly in the apparently meek, as soon as the opportunity arises. And what better excuse to domineer others than appeal to a higher power?

Religion is popular largely due to “lying in wait,” the predator anticipating a chance to exert “righteous” authority. This manifests in things like beating children for not praying or “being pious,” shaming and shunning. Religion provides license for such things.

Yes as an excuse for so much hate, religion is bound to be popular as an enabler for the sad stock of inhabitants of this planet to unlock all their petty emotions and sicknesses, bad traits and spiritual problems.

Always an Excuse

They always trot out the, “without organized religion, murder and mayhem will replace it...” nonsense. Organized religion only is and can only be, groupthink. Now, if each person had his or her own spirituality, developed with time and experience, that insight could be shared with others. Everyone could build a unique religion in harmony with his or her own understanding, and enhanced by the ideas of hundreds, or thousands, of others.

Bizarrely, and often, with modern religion, if you’re uncomfortable with, or want to change something here in monstrous clown world for the better, you’re not merely an ingrate, you’re Satan himself, rebelling against God. So that’s another reason why they push “religion” so much.

Groupthink isn't limited to the religious, of course. It stands out, and is particularly annoying these days, with all the lemmings bleating, “Conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory!” all the time, literally without knowing what the words mean.


Bottom line is, any indignance, excuse-making or strident social justice warring, is all an excuse for people to exercise their dark side.

A prime directive of those who like to control society and guide it down its self-destructive path is to engineer things so you can’t even discuss “sensitive” topics, no matter how reasonable. In fact, the more reasonable, the more censored the topic. Until people ask why this is, no progress will be made.

But the unsavory truth is, we all are looking for an excuse to hate, as long as the hating can stay undercover, or shielded by a like-minded mob. These days, one example of this is “virtue signaling.”

It's exciting to hate. It's a cheap thrill, and it permits us to look down on and demean someone else. Orwell alluded to and mocked this human weakness with his description of the “three minutes of hate,” in the novel, 1984.

The problem is, and there’s no way to sugar-coat this, mankind is flawed. We’re “excuse-makers,” looking for every opportunity to indulge in our worst traits. It's a problem that needs to be exposed to the light of day, to try to counteract it.


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