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Mark Widmer Consulting

What We Do

• improve business efficiency • use innovative techniques • provide staff motivation • implement understandable, scalable solutions • produce robust, low maintenance systems • provide extensible, reliable, speedy code • reduce full-lifecycle costs

Proven Results

Systems created, techniques and areas of expertise include...

• point of sale systems supporting hundreds of retail outlets • comprehensive DBMS backbone for insurance corporation • large-scale database migration • multi-tier database development • financial systems • governmental correspondence tracking system with full interdepartmental security • hardware, software and OS installation, including Unix/Linux, Windows and Mac • customer messaging system for telecommunications industry • websites and blogs

Combining high standards with recent development techniques, we build cost-effective, reliable, powerful computing solutions.

With over twenty years' experience, your project is completed on time and on budget. Rates are competitive, and we are adept at providing a personal touch.

Why You Need a Systems Analyst

With Mark Widmer Consulting, you'll get a realistic assessment of your requirements; that is, an honest appraisal of what your business really needs. We deliver effective, real-world systems that work productively now, and into the future.


Specializing in custom software development, maintenance and modification, and database development, web-based, networked or desktop.

Latest Technologies and Methods

Keeping up to date on software and technology is important to us.

That includes exploring all the options for your shop, including the new developments in open source software.

Request an assessment of how to use these alternatives in your business to take full advantage.

Our Mission

Reasonable Rates, Solid Solutions

Mark Widmer Consulting works to solve problems using the latest approaches and techniques, while looking for ways to reduce your expenses.

Working with you, we utilize professional development techniques.

That means following best practices; providing an analysis of your system requirements; producing clean, documented code that can be upgraded; not locking you into any particular vendor; and, including built-in software tests.

With a charted path and a development plan for guidance, you'll avoid surprises and needless expense.

Systems development tools include...

Ruby on Rails, PHP, MySQL, T-SQL, PostgreSQL, AJAX, HTML/XML/CSS, Java and JavaScript, Express/Node.js, SQL Server, C++, C, Access, VFP and WordPress.

Sample Site

The Foreseeable Future Website

The Foreseeable Future forum was created as an example of the powerful ways you can leverage open source tools to create a powerful custom database-powered website efficiently and inexpensively. It leverages SQL, Ruby on Rails, AJAX and various other tools and methods.

The concept of the site is to allow users a way to use predictions to help them make decisions in their day-to-day lives by discriminating between who is making good and bad predictions. The Foreseeable Future was designed to allow users to tabulate and track predictions and keep a record of successes.


Contact details?

Contact form is available in the sidebar menu. The sidebar is accessed via the hamburger icon in the page header.

What areas does Mark Widmer Consulting specialize in?

Database, custom software development, web work, operating system installation, systems analysis, updates and maintenance.

What can I expect?

With a consistent record of success, you can expect real, timely solutions to your I.T. needs. Contact us today for professional systems analysis and programming.

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