Where Do Babies Come From?

What a question! They come from where everything comes from: from the store, Silly! Also, they come from men!

Vince McMahon

Though, other experiments are ongoing.

adorable kitty and puppy

Do man-babies come out of the peepee hole?

pregnant man disinfo

Oh, it turns out, the man-babies come out of the brownhole instead? Well, that's a relief, at least.

Youmu's butt

I was having a baby once. At long, long last, the fulfillment of a lifelong dream!!!

Elvis: If I Can Dream

But it just turned out I'd eaten this big meal the day before.

Ah, life is full of disappointment. But there is fulfillment for others!

baby suckling man-boob

So, though I'm sad it isn't me

'Tis lovely to see

A suckling babe...

On the man titty!!!


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