There's an old book, called The Power of Positive Thinking, and its concepts are often seized on and parroted today. But that book is feel-good puffery, except where it facilitates actually doing something.

"Positive thinking" alone, fosters bad habits.

But there is value in PPD, the Power of Positive Doing.

Part of life's lessons is to learn it's a physical universe or realm, so we have to do physical things for our betterment.

Platitudes like "dream big," "expand your horizons," and "think positive" are upbeat, but otherwise useless.

In fact, it seems all the nonsense is beyond useless, and actually injurious. As has been observed, "the mind has no firewall," and platitudes are not just harmless rhetoric. Overdoing them has a narcotic and sissifying effect on society.

Then there are the "motivational sayings," like the US army's familiar, "be all you can be," really more of a insult. We're drowned in platitudes, and fake motivation, and we should, instead of being accepting, develop a distaste for them.

Unfortunate laziness and gullibility lets us buy into this nonsense very easily. "Spirituality" and "philosophy" endeavors are wrought with error, and very misleading to people. They've created a weird aspect of culture where there's a proliferation of numb-skulls floating around, hoping for easy "outs," and quick answers. It used to be called "navel gazing." That, instead of simply examining the ways to make physical activity and productive activities easier, more pleasant and more effective.

BS has become the order of the day. A more recent example is when they hyped up another dud, The Secret, which is basically a corrupted repackaging of another very old book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. The real secret is there's no end to the gullibility of the general public, nothing it can't be suckered into, as with a recent con, where they make people, literally, eat shit, with a big smile on their dopey faces, and pay for the privilege. Yeah, they're now packaging feces in gelatin capsules to sell to the gullible saps. And at a very high price, too. The drug companies are selling it as a remedy for "the stomach biome." And, no doubt, the chumps will vehemently defend the practice, even though there are deaths associated with the procedure. Whatever happened to very effective yogurt?


What a time-waster angst is.

They try to foster this with young girls and women. The Billy Eilish Barbie movie song is a good example. A word of advice: Solipsism is a fool's game. Don't be angsty until you understand the rest of the world and others much better.

Effective Positive Doing Can Change Your Life Right Now

the A.I. came up with this

Instead of thinking positive thoughts, particularly in response to some negative in life, come up with ways to do something positive in response, and act on it.

Once you've accomplished something real, think of ways of improving it, taking it to the next level.

As a rule, don't entertain any thought that can't put into immediate action, even if it is indirect action towards a goal.

Work on identifying all your egregious zones.

Stop getting bamboozled by the Name Game.

Stop pretending we have anything but incomplete knowledge of anything (we are shaky even on the concept of what "knowledge" itself is).

Stop supporting or arguing over the "moots," which are things that can't be proven one way or another. Prime example is the "life on other planets" nonsense. For all intents and purposes, it's unsolvable, and pointless, so not worthy of your valuable time, except perhaps as sci-fi entertainment.

Something closely-related, is things that are disproved, yet still are treated as something substantial. Bitcoin is a proven fraud, for example. Yet it persists and still garners attention. Same with quantum computing, nuclear fusion reactors, and a whole host of other things. Stop indulging the purveyors of this nonsense.

Also related, stop being fooled by the false dichotomies, another tool manipulators can use to make the monkey mind dance to their tune. Like this "Flat Earth" debate. In the first place, nobody knows the truth. We haven't even penetrated the mysteries of our local environment. Now, obviously earth can't be "flat" in the sense they're representing, that of a pizza box, where you can "fall off the edge," but there are other options besides globe and flat. So they've set up yet another false dichotomy.

We've already noted how Tesla said this is a realm, not a planet. Well, he was far smarter than most of us, so we need to — and almost no one does — ask, "What does he mean?" Sadly, and this is a fatal flaw, it appears that almost no one even thinks to ask.

How those with more complete knowledge must laugh at the fools that get apoplectic over the "debate" of flat vs. globe. Is life so meaningless that it can be wasted in this way, consumed in utter nonsense? Worthless arguing isn't what we mean by "positive doing."

Learn to identify and avoid that nonsense, as well as "feel-good" nonsense, and concentrate on the identification of sensible interests and fulfillment. There is a spiritual realm, but the message from that realm, to us, is that prayers and wishful thinking don't cut it here in the physical realm, where you have to show initiative and work within the (often frustrating) scope of the conditions of the environment we find ourselves in. We stand on our own, and it's tough, but then, on the bright side, our physical, real, accomplishments truly mean something.


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