The Enigma of Elon Musk

Back when they really started pushing the “Artificial Intelligence” (A.I.) scam, Elon Musk was quick to get involved, and of course that involvement was legitimized by the corporate media.

This apparently manufactured persona, shill and agent has an “apocalyptic vision” that parallels Bill Gates’.

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Musk is another dodgy “genius racket” character. He continually manages to easily raise billions in financing, mostly off the taxpayers’ backs, for businesses that are — to be kind — questionable investments.

He’s another for our rogues gallery, and yet another mouthpiece to push “Global Warming” and other politically correct agendas. Scuttlebutt hints that he’s an operative, working to polarize people.

Musk is also staged as a Pollyanna superhuman figure. Utter nonsense. He supposedly made and sold his own video game at age 12. Well, anyone who looks up that game knows there’s no way it’s salable — it’s a student learning exercise.

There’s a question we have to ask when we see this same old hackneyed ploy again and again. The genius racket depends on you not asking any questions and having a predictable, conditioned response to the term, “genius.” If they don’t imply it, they outright state it, in your face, without justification, like with Orson Welles, or Jake Barnett. It’s funny how so many of these manipulators have to be technical geniuses too. He can’t be a business genius, oh no, or a promotional genius. This is how they sell you on the idea that he must be good then, at making cars, rocket ships, digging machines and robots, etc.

They say he made about $200 million for himself in just seven years — mainly via the sale of “his” PayPal to eBay. PayPal actually came to his company through a merger.

Then there’s his car endeavor. The whole Tesla Motors enterprise is very strange, indeed.

You first have to know, that, like PayPal, Musk never formed Tesla — he moved in and took it from the originator.

Martin Eberhard founded the company with Marc Tarpenning, but the popular notion is that Musk created it.

Musk came in as Chairman of the Board of Tesla, when Eberhard sought financing, and ended up with vulture financing.

Musk apparently did have some good ideas to improve the cars, though he brought a lot of delays to the development process, as well.

There was a lot of bitterness on both sides, when Musk felt slighted for not getting initial publicity for his role in the company. Eberhard, years ago, was griping in his blog, full of complaints after he was booted from the company.

Then, somehow, Eberhard got squelched and his blog disappeared.

It’s spooky when Musk appears all of a sudden, and this guy has his finger in every possible non-profitable pie-in-the-sky venture under the sun. Rocket ships, “Hyperloops,” tunneling, batteries, solar energy, electric cars. Something is going on with that. How does he keep getting financing? He seems to get more loans, bail-outs and subsidies than the banking industry.

Well, it's because he’s another instance of crony capitalism.

Elon Musk Jumps the Shark

The maestro of manipulation, SpaceX huckster, Elon Musk, is now hustling his “reusable rocket” malarkey. If he’d come up with an actual maneuverable rocket, it’d be a huge scientific breakthrough. Looking up some engineering papers on this new work of genius, there’s nothing, except puff-pieces, advertising copy. Well, in one of these articles is a so-called video of the rocket landing.

Now, there are these “fins” on the bottom of the rocket that are supposed to be “guiding” it. Well, those latticed fins aren’t going to be effective as control surfaces. It’s one of the stupidest things you’ll ever see. They look like some kind of spatulas, or maybe B-movie prop radar antennas. Note that there’s no visible effect on the sham rocket when those things do move.

With a little knowledge of aviation, you know that control surfaces don’t do anything below a certain speed, called stall speed. The rocket in the video isn’t moving rapidly enough to be influenced by those fins which are much too small to affect the landing trajectory of the rocket. But more importantly, control surfaces don’t work when they’re hollow.

This is huge. They’re faking it, which implies NASA, and all the “space programs,” are fake as well! They have so little respect for you, they field that joke of a video, and expect you to believe it.

So lucky we’ve got experts:

So when you watch SpaceX’s rocket adjust its fins to direct its descent toward a landing platform, the computer inside is trying to balance the optimal path to the ground with the amount of risk it should take to get there.

Anything with any degree of technical complexity can be exploited, based on misunderstandings. Now it’s “self-landing rockets.”

They’ll keep this hoax alive as a distraction for the rubes, and as more divide and conquer stuff to keep the credulous and incredulous at odds.

Free Speech

We were fed a lot of BS about that as well, with the sideshow over Musk buying Twitter, now “X.”

Once buddies, Elon Musk and journalist Matt Taibbi called out several mainstream media organizations for the spread of misinformation.

But they had a falling out, and Taibbi now says:

I do believe that Elon proved to be very disappointing on the free speech issue. All of us who worked on the Twitter Files felt the same way. We went in feeling tremendously optimistic that he actually meant a lot of the things that he said about being in favor of all legal speech and, being a free speech absolutist and all these other things.

That proved not to be the case. He’s currently disenfranchising thousands of Substack writers, including me. And no one seems to care in the press.

Yeah, another thing Musk misrepresented himself on, the free speech issue.

Redeeming Factors

Musk’s not all bad, he is saying a lot of the right things, but not all the right things.

Tesla has been good for fighting back against scum auto dealers, with a direct from factory ordering model. And the conventional car dealerships are scum, never mind the “they create jobs” BS, because so does organized crime, “create jobs.”


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