Robot Love

They're Still Pushing the Same Old BS

It's a daily barrage, and recently it was about using A.I. at pharmaceutical companies. I won't waste your time with a link. And, unbelievably, we also were treated to elderly war criminal, Henry Kissinger, weighing in with his ill-formed opinion about A.I. Who in his or her right mind cares? The pharmaceutical article was talking about data analysis and perhaps expert systems, not A.I. Words matter. When they start on this line of deception its inevitably for a bad purpose like fooling the stockholders or fooling the general public in an ongoing brainwashing scheme.

Even automation lags. They still don't have anything practical yet. Even a subway train driver can't be replaced right now, on older, non-automated trains, which would be the first place you'd try out "automated" driving control systems. No one of these "commentators" or "experts" pushing this have any common sense. You always see new tech implemented in simple venues first, then more complex uses.

But here's the real test, and what would be evidence of real sincerity: A NASCAR-type event, where all the cars are strictly autonomous, unmanned. All the manufacturers could compete in this event, to show off their systems (or adaptations of some system they purchase). In fact, in an actual functioning society, this would be required before any of these systems could be trialed on the roads (looking at you, Tesla), and any systems that crashed in this trial wouldn't be allowed.

An article states that on Dec. 22, 2021, a semi navigated an 80 mile stretch of highway between Tucson, Arizona, and Phoenix without any human intervention in a test by San Diego-based TuSimple. I wrote to ask for the video of this, and TuSimple responded it had a YouTube video of the event. It's not a bad start, but it isn't the issue whether there is partially autonomous driving capability, but when it's going to be pretty much foolproof, and able to work in harsh conditions, not just on a prepared route.

The studies say that semis are inefficient/not cost effective for anything over 150 mile distances, with rail being the better choice. Obviously, with proper planning, including, say, dedicated lanes for electric semis on the highways, this could be improved. And since semis go long distances despite that, even cross-country, obviously the rail system planners are greatly at fault. I like one person's idea that semis would have depots very near to highways and freeways, but they should also be integrated with rail stations, and ports in coastal areas.

No, we're a long way from full automated driving. Elon Musk's Boring Company tunnel was built to ferry convention visitors. The Las Vegas tunnel stretches 1.7 miles beneath the Las Vegas Convention Center (to be expanded to 68 miles around Vegas eventually). This small scale-effort in Vegas has manually piloted cars — they can't even automate that, the simplest task for automation, safely, reliably, effectively and cheaply.

And of course there's the "robots taking over" meme. A woman told me robots were going to take over, one day soon, and lead to unemployment. I downplayed it as unlikely, but to deaf ears. She knew I work in I.T., but she was suddenly the expert. From what though? Something seen on the evening news? Well, where else? I've spoken with others who should know better, or at least be teachable, but the result is always intransigence, and obstinacy, and blind dogma. They have no defense of their claims, so what's wrong in the world when so many are so easily brainwashed?

Here's the grim window into their thoughts. They really seem to believe this...

Sci-fi Robots

As mentioned elsewhere, there aren't even personal "butler" robots to go fetch the groceries from the car, and everyone thinks we're in Black Mirror or Fahrenheit 451 with electric hounds on the loose, rending hapless jaywalkers limb from limb.

No robot love either.

We don't got a thing and that's a-called robot love

We don't got a steel guy in the sky

Robot love

No more robot speed, I'm almost there

Gotta keep cool now, gotta take care

Last robot car to pass, here I go

And the line of robot cars drove down real slow

And the robot radio played that forgotten song

Robot Brenda Lee's "Coming On Strong"

And the A.I. sang his same song

Oh, one more robot lover gone

We don't got a thing and that's a-called robot love

We don't got a steel guy in the sky

Robot love

Well, at least it's good for amusement, but tinged with sadness at the naivety. Reading the comments on a sensationalized article about a dummy-head so-called robot that made an expression that "even scared its creators," is typical. The ominous and foreboding comments were like, "It's not long now," "There is much to fear," "Soon they'll be taking over." Fearsome, all right, their childish perceptions. How manipulable is the public, anyway?

We see these type of pomposity with the Bitcoin farce, from which emerged so many self-styled experts overnight.

Have you noticed these screeching climate goofs they put out there for public consumption never gripe about Bitcoin and its tremendous waste? A transparent racket to rob money from the simple and gullible, and there's no significant resistance to it, or warnings about Bitcoin from media or government. Bitcoin is organized crime and a confidence racket, and its implementation is a disaster that has destroyed endless amounts of real value in the form of electricity, wasted human effort, and computer components, solely to make a very few rich.

What about idea that there are secret super-robots in some skunk works somewhere, they're hiding from us to unleash in a big surprise? Highly unlikely, much like the BS that the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works has, "secretly done everything we've seen in Star Trek." What an egotistical bunch of wankers that try to sell that to us.


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