Q: Did Seagal buy a Southern California house near a garbage dump then complain about the smell and all the garbage trucks going by?

A: As reported by a neighbor, yes.

Seagal eats disguised hot dog

After that little snack, there's nothing like a tasty chaser.

fat man breaks into Burger King
Seagal will mess you up

This video is worth watching for the clever tricks of computer graphics manipulation: We Replaced John Wick with Steven Seagal

Thank goodness for our experts, here's another cringy "expert" we can all look up to. What's even cringier, is the DEA tried to suppress this video of Milli Vanilli here.

The remake of the Ghostbusters movie got heat for having a bad trailer, but then the critics' ratings came out overwhelmingly favorable, heh.

new ghostbusters

So, smelling a rat, I went through the reviews for the film. Now, I couldn't sit through the original when it was on TV a while back, so I don't feel all the love, unless it really steps up after the first act or so, but, anyway, there's obvious lunacy going on with the reviews of the redo. The ratings are so wack, it's transparent what is going on: the film is tripe and the studio has hired people to comment favorably about it to claw back some losses.

Trolls are out in force pushing the idea that disliking this movie makes you a bad person. Richard Roeper was attacked for a negative review, based on, now get this: sexism!

This ferocious hysteria over a simple opinion is abnormal, even during "The Crazy Years," sci-fi writer Heinlein predicted. It's not something we've really seen at this level of rage. It's no "mystery," though, it's just the results of a type of "new age" promotion, a cheap and lazy "psyop" by the studio that trotted out the trolls to tell us what our opinions must be. They must have really blown the budget on this stinker.

Anyway, there is a peculiar divergence between the reviews of the "critics" and public on the movie. Just take a look at these ratings tabulated from Metacritic.

ghostbusters reviews bar chart

The best way to get a sense of this is to look at the "critics - negative," the shortest bar, versus the "public - negative," the longest. (Since regular viewers greatly outnumber critics, the combined/summed bars and the regular public bars are very similar.)

Also: If you check out the comments of the positive movie-goers, things get weird. Lots of 8, 9 and 10 ratings. 10/10, a perfect movie? As good as the best movies of all time! Wow! Stretches credibility more than a little. Takes the cringeworthy prize for unsubtle manipulation.

Let's ask Hillary what she thinks.

Hillary Clinton has seizure when talking to reporters

Yep, looks like she agrees!

Here's some fun race-baiting by the Brits. If you don't think it's "beauty-full," you're "rayciss," or "a hater" or something. Just shows there's a lot of hypocrisy in the world. When Joan Rivers joked that, her "breasts are so low, now I can have a mammogram and a pedicure at the same time," the room howled with laughter. No one poked his head up like a sleepy groundhog and started peeping, "That's ageiss! that's ageiss!"

There's a term for sexual fetishism/attraction towards old folks: Gerontophilia. "Beautiful?" Put it this way: no one is going to get plastic surgery to look like these folks (click warning):

Can't old people be old people anymore? Now they're sex symbols? By definition, they can't be, as old people are no longer sexual beings anymore, to update the numbnutz at the Daily Mail. The elderly can still go through the motions, but, to be a stickler, is it really sexual if there's no possibility of reproduction?

"Gorilla chases astronaut through space station!" Best not to think about what's going to happen when he catches him!

Think like a boss about those antics: If you were director of the space station program, would these hi-jinks reflect glowingly on you? Something you'd highlight on your resume? How would you finance bringing up a monkey suit at a million bucks a pound or so? Would you stake your rep that the monkey suit would avoid snagging on/breaking something crucial? Wouldn't a dune buggy like they sent up to the moon be more practical and fun?

But it's all to "blow off some steam, up there after a year in space." Riiiight. When quizzed as to how he "lets off steam" when no monkey suit is available, Astronaut Scott Kelly replied matter-of-factly, "Fling poo!"

The video was removed from YouTube, for some reason we can only guess at.

This one is in the same vein as the gorilla video. Another great cringer. And it, too, is "to blow off steam," like that excuses anything.

Oh, Crikey, who could forget this blast from the past?

Or, this version?

There's a lot more to that JFK/Marilyn Monroe story, and it gets rather bizarre, but for now, lets move on.

Commenter "Amishmike1" says about this next one: "When she sings it looks like Mr. Ed serenading Wilbur's two scared children for a salt lick." Course, "sing" is an open term. Those poor children.

Anything with either of Cruz and Fiorina in it is teeth-grittingly intolerable, except with them, it's hard to stop watching the train wreck.

Mystery of life: Why is it when these entities "have work done" on them, it always seems to look like it was done by their undocumented gardener?

Like chocolate and peanut butter, so much better, when they're together.

Cruz and Carly hand wrestle

Do not know how the Men in Black haven't tracked those two down. Who ya gonna call, indeed?

And then, just when you think it's hit rock bottom...

Castro raises Obama's limp hand
Macron and his posse

Almost none of the politicians are admirable figures, really. Even in the past, who knows what they were really up to? Teddy Roosevelt lied about being shot on the 1912 U.S. presidential trail, to enhance this absurd legend of "the tough guy, the 'Rough Rider.'"

The "wounded" Roosevelt nonetheless carried on with his campaign speech for over half an hour, to cries of "Fake! Fake!" by some of the Milwaukee spectators. The speech dragged. Roosevelt seemed content to blather on and on. He even showed his bloodstained shirt to the crowd, yet said a spectacles case and sheaf of notes stopped the bullet. If it had stopped the bullet, he'd be bruised, not bloody.

Even the Daily Mail Online, a mainstream publication, talks about another faked photo, showing Roosevelt riding a bull moose. The newspapers published it and later, Harvard University found it to be doctored. Apparently Roosevelt's whole life story and list of heroic accomplishments was faked.

Of course, this tall tale of the attempted assassination was a ruse to build up Roosevelt's "Superman booking," to give the gullible public a "hero" and influence the presidential elections. The people do need a hero, though. Luckily, they are always provided a fine crop...

Clinton blue dress
Mr. Sniffy Joe Biden
Captain Biden

A few years back Biden already had dementia, but it can't all be blamed on that. They're just laughing at us at this point with the specimens they field. Here's the "Corn Pop" story. The longer version, which makes no more sense, at this link.

Man-oh-Man, lookie here...

This unhinged SJW berated a fellow Alaska Airlines passenger about Trump and global warming and fingers on nuclear triggers, completely out of the blue, presumably because she thought he was a Trump supporter. The insufferable sperg hag was taken off the plane by police, as she gesticulated rudely and loonily at the applauding passengers.

You can see how Hollywood just doesn't get it. They persist in their mindless release of duds like this new movie, The Mummy (wasn't there already a new "The Mummy" released just a short time ago?), when all they need to do is film this sarcophagus-dweller for the real horror show.

Owen Jones
Jimmy Wales

ruined mag wheel


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