World of Kings

A modest proposal...

In case you haven't noticed the proliferation of entities coming out of the woodwork to promote their plans to dominate everyone, as though they have all assumed the character of "The Brain," the megalomaniac mouse from the cartoon Pinky and the Brain, whose sole, perpetual, nightly project is to "take over the world," well, yes, they are emerging en masse.

Some say they want to control the world population to live in harmony with nature. They don't want harmony with nature. Being "excuse-makers," they just want an excuse to control.

So, I propose, "The World of Kings." Yes, we need to create a world of kings (and queens) for them. A place where they can all go to have people kiss their feet, and where they order others around to do their bidding even more brashly and wantonly than usual. They could go and try it out, see if they like it. Everyone who wants to be humiliated (there's a lot) could visit and stay. This is not a facetious suggestion. There are a number of people that want to be around "celebrities," and even grovel at their feet. In fact, there are some ass's holes that would enjoy being literally tortured, crippled and killed, by one of their idols. (Witness, for one example, the imbecile buddy of the psycho Dr. Death, Christopher Duntsch.)

A special place for all would-be rulers includes the most humble pissant, by the way, not just the rich "visionaries." It's for anyone who is compelled to meddle and tinker with the structure of civilization in a way which allows them control over other people.

Quite some time ago, Roger Waters suggested, in song, "The Fletcher Memorial Home," as such a place, specifically for tyrants, but, based on his ominous description, I really don't believe that would be as appealing, nor provide for the raw exercise of power that the manipulative demand. The World of Kings (WoK) is so much better, and has the added benefit of also accommodating the undesirable toadies of the world.

That's all that sociopaths want, complete and total control in their own little roosts. Not to "save the world." What sort of world-saving could they do, anyway, even if they were sincere?

The logistics of this are fairly straightforward. The wealthy and influential would be assigned as the kings and queens, dukes and duchesses, lords and ladies, popes and bishops, and so on. The individual pissant could be a subject, or could strike out on his own to try to form his own kingdom. His problem would be that, being a peon, he wouldn't have any willing subjects! But, of course, nothing would stop him from plotting on his own to try to conquer other kingdoms via subterfuge or outright war.

It's a win all around. The rest of us would be free of their maniacal plans, while megalomaniacs would be afforded the opportunity to interact with their fellow megalomaniacs, first-hand. Would they be able to work "sustainably" between themselves, or would there be further conflict as each battled for "supreme control?"

The World of Kings would have to be subsidized heavily, but after the initial establishment of the WoK, it should be organized to be self-sustaining. Prisoners could choose to be subjects in the World of Kings, in lieu of prison. That is, non-violent criminals, since the WoK wouldn't want any potential threats, naturally. On the other hand, they might want violent subjects to use as gladiators in the arena, like in Spartacus.

Allowing an outlet for all the many would-be despots, with their dreams of glorious rulership, while removing their negative impact on the wider world, is one of the most positive measures conceivable.


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